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Donkey Vital Signs:

Normal Temperature:


Adult: 97.2-100 F    Median 98.8F

 Young: 97.8-102.1F  Median  99.6 F


Normal Pulse:

Adult; 36-68  Median 44

Young: 44-88   Median 60



Adult: 12-44  Median 20

Young: 16-48  Median 28


A young donkey is under two years old.

Median is basically what is considered to be normal range


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Copper Star Farm Miniature and Standard Donkeys
Emily D. Hoponick
Phone: 301-452-1251  
Fairfield, PA 17320

Our vision is to breed miniature donkeys with correct conformation first through a high pedigree. Genetics are carefully studied and planned breeding's are decided upon with several factors in mind. The Copper Star Herd breeds specifically for black nlp/wlp including the blue-eye dilute gene. We feel as though black donkeys are a classic choice that is striking and never goes out of style.
We also have several outstanding jacks that are dark red, gurello wooly, and black & white spotted. Our jennets are beautiful and very spoiled!

We also have started to raise spotted standard donkeys. Our herd sires are a black & white jack and a wooly jack!

Copper Star Farm occasionally rescues donkeys to re-home. We do not make a profit off of this venture and we look specifically for good loving homes for these donkeys at a minimum price.
ALL donkeys are micro-chipped and are registered with ADMS (especially rescues).

The Copper Star Herd has moved to a new farm and we are now in Adams County, PA by Liberty Mountain Ski Resort. (4/15)

Hickory Hill's Holy Smoke is from Hickory Hill Donkey Farm in Texas. He is 30", jet black nlp, and has a white diamond on his forehead. Simply Gorgeous! Holy Smoke is everything I ever wanted in a jack. He throws amazing conformation, refined faces, and dark coloring onto his foals. His foals have a birth height that ranges from 18”-22” with the normal average being 20”. As a special treat Holy Smoke carries BLUE EYE Dilute genetics and has passed this on to every foal in 2010-2013! On rest for 2013.. and not happy about it!

Sheloy’s Leyland just came to us from Ass-pirin Acres and we are going to give him some time to settle in. He has the best personality, conformation, deep black color with light points…. Let’s just say he is the total package. His Canadian pedigree is impressive and I am excited to be pairing him up with some of my best jennets. He will be breeding jennets this fall. 30 ¼” tall. Breeding Twizzler, Daisy, and Sweet Heart in the fall of 2013.

Jr. herd sire Copper Star Farm's Trojan Warrior is black and white with Blue Eyes! He stands at 30.5”. This little guy has some growing to do but I am retaining him. His genetics are amazing with some big names and lots of interesting colors: fully frosted white, black roan, black nlp, dark spots and the elusive black and spot! He has started to breed jennets and I will be looking forward to his first foal next spring. Bred to Jade for a spring foal 2014.

Donkette Korral's Red Rock has a unique red roaning pattern to his deep rich red coat. Currently “Red” is breeding our Texas jennets and several other red based jennets for 2014 foals. Red Rock’s foals could be a unique out cross for seasoned red miniature donkey breeders. He has a red sire but his mother is spotted and his grandparents are black/red/spotted. At 30 ¾” tall Red also carries the Blue Eye dilute gene which will pair up nicely with Holy Smoke daughters in the future!!! Bred to Ellie/Cindy/Bunny for mid-July foals in 2014.

KZ Ask Zoltan is the wooly herd sire for our farm. He has a heart of gold. Zoltan brings the famous wooly genetics from Arrow Creek Harry Houdini to my herd. He is a gurillo nlp wooly monster from KZ Ass-pirations in NJ. At 33” he is breeding the standard jennets that guard our farm from predators. Bred to Dawn/Sidda/Rosie for early spring foals 2014.

Padre is owned by Mark and he has started his breeding career as a gentleman. He is sweet and a true black & white donkey. We are excited to see if he has mule making capacities! Bred to Lily for a 4th of July foal 2014.

Call for directions 301-452-1251.
Please call before "dropping by".

Currently for sale:
Check out my website for Donkeys for Sale!
Foals will be posted within 24 Hrs. If you want to be on the email notification list contact:

We do take deposits on any donkey foals that are not ready to go home "yet". Payment plans are available. Currently (7/13) we have a limited number of 2013 foals for sale. There is not a wide selection this time of the year but we will be having 3 fall foals out of some of my best jennets (China Star/Penelope/Bunny #2).

The website is normally updated and current. If you have any questions please call. Donkey Hotline is open 24/7.
If you are new to donkeys, and are a new breeder, please consider my foals. They are outstanding and will prove to be great jennets and jack for your future herds.
We would be happy to work with breeders outside of the USA!

Critter Haven Farm
Diane P. Hildebrandt
Phone: Cell: 304-617-3515 Home: 610-998-2873
690 Barren Rd. Oxford, PA 19363

Breeders since 2003, Critter Haven Farm is dedicated to producing tiny, correct miniature donkeys with wonderful dispositions. We strive to sell exceptional donkeys for show, breeding or delightful companions. All of our donkeys are registered with ADMS and ACOSA (when applicable), microchipped and our herd sires have been DNA typed. Please visit our website to see pictures and pedigrees on all of our animals.   (12/15)

Heiken's Ark Arlo D - 29 1/2" Dark Gray/Wht Spotted
LN Shiner D - 29" Black

Located in Southeastern Pa minutes from the MD and DE borders.

Currently for sale:
Check our sales page for current availability.

Little Bitty Burro Farm
Steve and Julie Davies
Phone: 724-944-1174
Fax:  724-336-0188
565 Hollow Rd., Enon Valley, PA 16120

We have a small hobby farm located about 40 minutes north of Pittsburgh. We currently have a herd of registered mini donkeys including approx four jennets of various colors....gray-dun, dark brown, slate and spotted. We have weanlings, yearlings, geldings and pregnant jennies currently available for sale at negotiable prices. All are vaccinated, wormed and get regular hoof care. Visit our website at   (6/14)

Asphalt Acres Alamo - a tri-color spotted jack with excellent conformation

North of Pittsburgh near Ohio border

Currently for sale:
Almost black weanling jenny, dark brown weanling jack, yearling spotted jenny, pregnant Jennie's and two geldings

Sechrist Farms
Angela Sechrist
Phone: 570-673-8940
Fax: 570-673-8067
R.R. 1 Box 1256 Canton, Pa 17724

We have a small herd of 20 donkeys in the Endless Mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania. We have Blacks, Chocolates, Grays and Spotted. Come and visit anytime and check out the new spring foals! (3/15)

We have 3 Herdsires including. Southern Mountain Rocky Road a 33" Loud spotted jack who is throwing lots of spots.
We also have a 28" Chocolate Jack and his foals arrive this summer.
Junior Herdsire is Lucky 7 born 7/7/07 and he is going to be small.

We live on Rt 414, 2 miles East of Canton Pennsylvania

Currently for sale:
We have 2 weanling chocolate jennets ready to go. We also have many foals due this spring.

Shadowcross Mini-Ranch
Nicole Shultz, VMD
Phone/Fax: 570-925-5887
482 Ridge Road, Benton, PA   17814

Shadowcross Mini-Ranch is a small hobby farm located in the rolling hills of Northeastern Pennsylvania. We raise beautiful, loveable Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys and Babydoll Southdown Sheep. Our goal is to run a conscientious, selective breeding program and produce friendly quality animals in a variety of colors. (Our Babydoll flock is enrolled in the PA State Scrapie Eradication Program, and our ram is RR at codon 171.) Visitors are always welcome! (4/14)  

Reference Sire: Cyder's Mr. Madison, 32 1/4", Light Red. Sire: LN Foxworthy. Dam: Circle C Miss America. 

Currently for sale:
Please see our For Sale page. 2013 lambs and foals are on the ground. Please inquire early!

Shorecrest Farms
Tracie Dershem
Phone: 570-398-4454
184 Timber Lane, Linden, PA  17744

We raise a wonderful herd of over 50 registered miniature donkeys in north central Pennsylvania. All of our donkeys are registered, microchipped, friendly, healthy and family raised. Our herd ranges in size from 31" - 34" and consists of all colors. Give us a call and stop by to visit our herd! (3/15)   

Shorecrests Little Buddy, 32.5" Red Jack, a Lawzyday Farm\'s Cherokee son and Valintino 50 grandson.

Wit\'s End Tyger Heart, 33.5" Dark Brown and White Tyger Spotted Jack, a Sunset Acres Speedway Racer son and My World Buster grandson.

Shorecrests Ivan, 32" Dark Brown Jack, a Windcrest Java son and Springlake Razmataz grandson.

We are located in Linden, Pennsylvania which is one hour east of State College, PA, and two hours north of Harrisburg, PA. .

Currently for sale:
We normally have a variety of weanlings, yearlings, young brood jennets and older "babysitter" brood jennets available. We sometimes offer package deals and we are willing to work with our customers who wish to do payment plans. Our website is always kept current and is the best place to look to see what we have available!

Trails End Ranch
Laura Stouffer
Phone: 717-729-5051                 
13539 Fernwood Road, Shippensburg, PA 17257

Our 76 acre ranch is located 45 minutes Southwest of Harrisburg, PA.  Our goal is to breed small, quality miniature donkeys with good conformation and great dispositions.  We maintain a herd of approximately 50 donkeys that receive the very best of care.  All of our foals are imprinted at birth to assure they have friendly personalities.  Visitors always welcome. (7/15)

Rhones Little Brown Satchel, 30.5" Black w/cross
Arrow Creek Harry Houdini, 34" Black Wooly
MGF Raggedy Andy, 32.5" Gray & White Spotted Wooly
N&D Lonestar Poco Lobo, 29.75" Gray & White Spotted Wooly

Treasured Tyies Miniature Donkeys
Kathy Houck
Phone:  570-925-2848
173 Dotyville Road, Benton, PA, 17814

We raise our beloved miniature donkeys on a small farm in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  Our goal is to maintain a high quality herd and breed selectively for black color, solid conformation, and great temperament.  All our animals receive the best of care, and individual attention.  If you're looking for that special donkey to brighten your life, give us a call.  Visitors are always welcome.  (1/15)

Herdsires:                                                                                                                                    Cyder's Jim Dandy  30 1/2"  Black  AMDS Registry # 58368                                                             What a handsome guy he is, Great confirmation & personality to match. Dandy is supports a full pedigree with such names as: Cyder's Jimmy Brown, LN Foxworthy, Red Lightening. Circle C Motown, Sunset Acres Red Sunset, River Crest Blackberry, KDL Black Hawk & The Fireman, just to mention a few.  

Treasured Tyies JoSals Token  30 1/4" Spotted AMDS Registry #60815                                              Mr. Token's has a sweet laid back personality & lots of color, which he has passed to his offspring's. Some of the names listed on his pedigree: Sundance Springs Milkway 11, Lazy H Donkette Korral Milkyway, White Lightening, Texas Red, Shadowcross Jackson, EA Toby, Frito Bandito, Ashley Wilkes.

Currently for sale:
Please see our "For Sale" page, and thank you for your interest in our donkeys.

Arcadian Exotics
Paul, Gertrude, Cameron Suorsa
Phone: 724-794-3288
Fax: 724-794-1104
133 Branchton Rd. Slippery Rock, PA 16057

Arcadian Exotics is located outside the University town of Slippery Rock, PA. We have been raising Miniature Donkeys and Pygmy Goats since 1994 so that's 20 years in 2014! We have just started raising Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats in 2011. We have about 25 Brood Jennets & 5 Herd Sires. We always have donkeys for sale on the farm. We will be having 17 Foals in 2013 & as of September all of them have arrived. (See our Foal Page). All of our donkeys are registered or can be registered. We strive for the best animals that we can produce.  (3/15)


• Bluegrass Mr. O\'Neal, a 32 1/2" Black w/cross NLP sired by Cobra\'s Windancer. He is siring Black & Very Dark foals.
• Cobra's Rudy, a 30" Dark Red sired by Cobra\'s Redman. He is siring Reds and Red carriers.
• Arcadian Jet, a 32 1/4" Dark Brown sired by Dewey Meadows Valentino & he is siring Blacks. We will be offering Arcadian Jet for sale for a select time. Please contact us if you are interested. We would not offer him for sale if we did not have 4 jacks from the same bloodline.
• Arcadian Supreme, a 31" Black & White Spotted sired by Dewey Meadows Valentino. Supreme in the month of September still has the dark Black & White Color as he did in the winter. He is short, stocky, correct, proportioned, & over all a very exceptional jack. He has had 3 daughters so far all being of excellent quality in the colors Spotted & Black.
• Arcadian Voltaire, a 30" Approaching 3 years old Black Brown Jack sired by Dewey Meadows Valentino. This is his first year as a breeding jack. (OUTSTANDING BITE!)

Our Reference Herd Sires:
• In Memory of Dewey Meadows Valentino; He Past away at the age 20 on December 17, 2010 leaving behind many great offspring such as the famous Prime Time & the offspring we still own Arcadian Valentina, Supreme, Valentine, Valerina & Voltaire.

Arcadian Exotics is located 50 miles North of Pittsburgh. From Pittsburgh take I-79 North to Exit 105, the Slippery Rock Exit. Turn left toward Slippery Rock and into and through the town. This will be route 108. In town you will go through a two traffic lights. Do not make any turns in town. A short distance past the last houses & Hotel, you will come to the Branchton Rd-the first cross road past the end of town. Turn right onto Branchton. About 2/10 mile on the left, you will see a sign for the Slippery Rock Veterinary Hospital. We are next to the Hospital in a tan farmhouse with green shutters. Our sign at the end of our drive reads Arcadian Exotics. Stop at the House.

Currently for sale: 
We will be offering Arcadian Jet for sale for a select time. Please contact us if you are interested. We would not offer him for sale if we did not have 4 jacks from the same bloodline.

We have 3 Jack foals that we can geld before they are weaned for $600/each or $1000/pair. There is 1 Brown jack & 2 Black jacks for sale. All three Jacks are of good quality. If you are interested in them as Breeding Jacks they are priced at $1000/each.

Jennet Foals:
•Arcadian Dazzling Gorgeous- Black 2012 Jennet Foal. Her Dam goes back to the imports & includes many other great ancestors. Small at birth & friendly. See her pedigree below:
SIRE- Arcadian Jet (DM Valentino x Arcadian Maria)
DAM- Arcadian Darla (BlueGrass Mr. O\'Neal x Koskinens Delta)
Priced Negotiable at $1000

•Arcadian Michelangelo’s Glory- Dark Red 2013 Jennet Foal. She was born under 20". She is Correct & Stocky. Has a great Personality. Her Dam is a Red Jennet from McRoberts Game Farm. Her sire is most likely Michelangelo. She is priced at a reasonable offer either way for $1000.

•Arcadian Midnight Princess- Black w/cross 2013 Jennet Foal. She has a beautiful look. She is Correct. Her Dam is a Jennet from the BlueGrass/Cobra Lines & her sire is Arcadian Jet a son of DM Valentino. She is priced at a reasonable price of $1000.

Also Available are 3 Arcadian Supreme Daughters. Arcadian Supreme is our 31" Stocky Black & White Spotted Breeding Jack. He is correct & exceptional. We are offering his daughters Arcadian Supreme Dream (Brown Spot), Enchanted Beauty (Dark Spot), & Starless Night (TRUE Black *NLP) For Sale all at $1750/each or at reduced rates if purchased with another donkey(s). These girls are all defiantly the creme of the crop this year and will take your breath away for sure! We will have videos posted soon.

We are also selling Nigerian & Pygmy Nigerian Cross Baby Goats. Starting at $50. Some ready to leave now. Call us if you are interested. They are not all on the website yet. (724) 794-3288

Cedar Grove Mini Farm
Harlan and Ester Kauffman
679 Cedar Grove Road, Burgettstown, PA 15021
Phone: 724-947-9582

Our “mini” (pun intended) farm is in rural, rolling southwestern PA just north of Washington. We have a diverse selection of registered miniature donkeys as well as a few mini cattle. We have found the miniature donkey to be the superb pet and ours are well socialized with children as well as other critters. We enjoy helping others discover how addictive mini donkeys can be. Whether you’re looking for a pet, show or breeding prospects, feel free to contact us. (7/15)

Herd Sire:
LN Iceno Trouble 31" Black and White Spotted. Look for his foals in fall 2013.

Currently For Sale:
Cedar Grove Francisca Sunshine. Small dark red weanling, excellent conformation and friendly!
Cedar Grove Pretty Penny. Three year old Dark red/brown jennet.