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Donkey Info


Donkey Vital Signs:

Normal Temperature:


Adult: 97.2-100 F    Median 98.8F

 Young: 97.8-102.1F  Median  99.6 F


Normal Pulse:

Adult; 36-68  Median 44

Young: 44-88   Median 60



Adult: 12-44  Median 20

Young: 16-48  Median 28


A young donkey is under two years old.

Median is basically what is considered to be normal range


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Stay A While at Three Falls Farm
Tara Pilonero Wiles
Phone: 540-557-7641
Hinton, WV

We have one of the largest and most genetically diverse herds of wooly donkeys. We specialize in adorable extreme wooly and long haired donkeys with a color focus on blacks, spots, and blue eyed whites. We are also working toward micro mini wooly donkeys. We are happy to help you arrange domestic or international transport.  Visitors are always sure to call ahead for the best visit! (6/14)

Arrow Creek Tracer: WOOLY black NLP 32.25", unique pedigree for a wooly

SAW Quiet Riot: spotted wooly and ivory carrier.

N&D's Lonestar Rowdy 1: spotted 27.5" with a curly coat

Just half an hour from I-64 or I-77 in West Virginia. Call for directions...we don't show up on a map search.

Currently for sale:
Call or email. We sometimes have donkeys for sale that are not on the website