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With a disdainful smile, Ao Chu Ge said, "Come on, what do you want me to do?" Mr. Bai Du said thoughtfully, "The Ghost Valley is famous all over the world. The ghost girl in the valley guards the glass coffin of the lover Bai Yuqiu all the year round. You must go into the valley to steal the cold jade beads in the coffin." Hearing this, Ao Chu Ge said, "The story of Bai Yuqiu and the Ghost Girl has been famous all over the world for a long time. It's hard for lovers to get married. It's already the most miserable and coolest thing in the world. I heard that cold jade beads can condense into ice. Although Bai Yuqiu has been dead for many years, his body is immortal. It can be said that it's all due to the ability of cold jade beads. Mr. Bai Du, it's too cruel for you to ask me to steal cold jade beads." I, Ao Chu Ge, don't want to do anything to destroy a person's body. "Mr. Bai Du hummed," It's not up to you not to do it. Ao Chu Ge, Han Yuzhu is what I want to get. You are a man of seven feet. You can't speak as a fart. "Ao Chuge said coldly," The ghost woman's martial arts are peerless. It's said that no one can defeat her. If you send me into the valley, you will lose my life, Mr. Bai Du. With all your poisons, why do I have to do it? I don't think it's so simple. As soon as the fierce light in Mr. Bai Du's eyes was revealed, he was so angry that he wanted to shoot out flames when he visited the Buddha. But he was still able to control himself. He knew that this young man's door was very big, and his path was also very high. Tonight, only he could fulfill his wish for many years. So he had to endure and suppress his anger. "Don't ask too many questions," he said. "As long as you get the cold jade bead, your task will be over. Let's go our own ways. No one owes anyone." Ao Chu Ge said coldly,glass cream jars, "I'm going to learn from you, Mr. Poison.." As soon as he finished speaking, he moved his body like a swaying shadow. Suddenly, he threw himself into the Ghost Valley. The body of the disease made Mr. Bai Du feel cold. He did not expect that the young man's flying skill was not inferior to the ancestral light body skill of the Ouyang family. Ouyang was afraid that Ping would move over gently. "Father," he said, "he's gone in." "Oh." Mr. Bai Du only said a word and did not say anything again. Ouyang Yiping whispered, "Father.". If we do this, is it not too bright? We should at least tell him the truth,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, so that he will not always have a question in his mind. "How can such a man tell him the truth?" Mr. Poison sneered? What kind of person is he that we can easily use him? Child, we wait and see here, if he is lucky not to die, will achieve the goal, but this person is not easy to mess with, after he enters the valley, whether he will change his mind, is not the father can predict.. Ouyang Yiping gave a long sigh and said, "Dad, I'm worried about him." "You can't fall into the whirlpool of love," said Mr. Poison. Ouyang Ping shook her head bitterly and said, "I don't even know why."? Just think he is very happy, but he is not an ordinary man, otherwise, that night, cosmetic packaging wholesale ,Oil Dropper Bottle, he would not be so easy to refuse me, Dad, it is strange to say, I have a kind of indescribable feeling. Poison on the face of a cold, said: "Dad only kill him, you will die of this heart..." "Father, you.." said Ouyang Afraid of Ping. "If you kill him, you'll never have his shadow in your heart again," said Mr. Poison. "My child, you should understand that the daughter of the Ouyang family can't easily fall in love with a person. Your whole life is arranged by your father. This is our family tradition and the rule handed down from our ancestors. If my daughter betrays me, how can my father explain to the family.." Ouyang Yiping only felt very uncomfortable in her heart, she had a feeling of resistance, but she did not dare to say it, because she knew that her father's temper was not something she could betray personally. She twisted angrily and went out slowly. A satisfied smile appeared on Mr. Bai Du's face. Ghost Valley. At the bottom of the cold valley, from time to time blowing a desolate cold wind, Ao Chu Ge's body like electricity, several ups and downs, has entered the bottom of the valley. In the distance, there was a lantern hanging slanting. Under the yellow and miserable shadow of the lantern, several big characters, which were dyed red with blood, suddenly fell into Ao Chu Ge's eyes. He said with a faint smile, "Turning back is death. Those who enter the valley are dead. I would like to take another step to try." He moved his body.
A wisp of white shadow floated over like a ghost. As soon as the man fell to the ground, he had a miserable white face and long scattered hair, which hung over his shoulders. It looked like a female ghost. She was dressed in a white robe and made of linen. If she hadn't been standing there alive, everyone would have suspected that she was a person or a ghost? "Please get out of the valley at once," said the white-robed girl coldly. Ao Chu Ge said lightly, "The ghost girl in the Ghost Valley.". I've come to pay my respects. "The white-robed girl said coldly," My young lady hasn't seen any outsiders. You can turn back. " Ao Chu Ge laughed and said, "It's said that Bai Yuqiu is buried here. I'm admiring his remains. Miss, please tell your young lady that Ao Chu Ge has something to see." The white-robed girl sighed and said, "The body is Ao Chu Ge, who sees evil spirits with a smile." Nodding his head, Ao Chu Ge said, "Not bad." "Whoever you are," sneered the white-robed girl? No one can enter the valley. Although you are quite famous in Jianghu, our ghost Gu Su has no contact with friends in Jianghu. You can't be an exception. Our young lady won't see you! Ao Chu Ge said coldly, "You haven't reported it yet. How do you know your young lady won't see you?" The white-robed girl hummed, "This is the rule of this valley. There is no need to report it." Shaking his head stubbornly, Ao Chu Ge sneered, "What if I don't go?" He is a famous person in Jianghu. He is used to ordering others. No matter who sees him in Jianghu, he will give up three points first. Today, this girl looks domineering. He can't help feeling very angry. He wants to say goodbye to this girl. Let's see what amazing ability Ghost Valley has to bully others like this. "Then I'll kick you out," the girl said angrily. This white-robed girl is no ordinary mediocrity. As soon as her voice fell, the shadow of the snow-white robe flashed, and two pairs of palms came like white clothes. The power of the palm, which was full of cold air, hit Ao Chu Ge,Blue Bottle Serum, and there was a feeling of shade, which immediately startled Ao Chu Ge in the dark. Ao Chu Ge turned obliquely and said, "You can actually make a white bone palm." 。 penghuangbottle.com