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"Brother Feng, how can I help you eliminate the evil? Just say it.". Is it necessary to refine the magic weapon successfully so that Li Mou can have a way out? Han Li asked slowly, his face very calm. This let the opposite Feng Xi, eyes flashed a trace of surprise. On the other side, the poison Jiao and the turtle demon also showed some expressions of interest. Hey, hey! Li Daoyou is a wise man. Now that you know. I don't want to say more. As long as I succeed in refining the magic weapon of wind and thunder wings, I will relieve the future trouble for my Taoist friends. If it fails, Daoyou will naturally be the first sacrifice to vent his anger. And you don't want to be able to resolve the beautiful thing, that is, there are human primordial monks who are willing to help you. It is also impossible to eradicate the chaotic evil in my blue flame wine. Feng Xi opened his mouth slightly and spat out the words of the extreme cold, without the slightest expression. I know what to do! Han Liwei nodded and finally showed a wry smile on his face. But there was still a word in his mind that he had not spoken. I'm afraid when the magic weapon comes out of the oven, it's also the moment when his life is in danger. When Han Li was extremely helpless,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, the three demons chatted in front of the jade table. I heard that Wu Xiandi's Jiaolong clan also took part in the attack of Wanzhang Sea on human monks. Are you serious about this? I remember that the Jiaolong clan usually doesn't interfere in these things. Seemed to feel that the magic weapon is expected to become, crack wind beast in a good mood to poison Jiao casually asked. Hum! Pretty good. This time, some high-level demon practitioners in our clan did make a move. Otherwise, how can those wastes of Wanzhanghai break through each other's cities so smoothly. Even if the city can be destroyed, it is impossible to slay the two yuan Ying monks. Poison Jiao did not mean to hide,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, in front of Han Li said these words. Even if Han Li is happy and angry again, he can't help looking slightly different. Volume 3-Volume 4 The Wind Rises Overseas Chapter 544 Sanskrit Film Just as Han Li was wondering, Feng Xi asked again with a light smile: "I heard that a few years ago, when Wu Daoyou was protecting the Dharma for Gui Xiandi, he was attacked by several human monks.". Although he finally defeated the other side, he still suffered a little loss. Is that why you Jiaolong Clan will make a move? You are a family of spirit beasts, but you always protect your shortcomings very much! Over the years, the human monks on those islands have really been too arrogant. They thought the sea was really theirs. They also treat those of us who are in the period of transformation as low-level monsters who are not out of the body of the beast. This is just their own way of death. What happened to me was just one of the causes. At this point, Poison Jiao paused and continued with an indifferent look: "The most important thing is that the human beings killed a beast of the sea royal family that had just reached the seventh level.". Therefore enraged that old did not hesitate to consume the essence and blood to launch the order of ten thousand demons, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Heme Iron Polypeptide, so that tens of thousands of monsters trampled the human island in one fell swoop. Our Jiaolong clan will help, not to avenge that clan, but because our sea clan's sacred object "Sanskrit True Piece" handed down from generation to generation was captured by human beings on the body of the beast that was killed. Although this thing is incomplete and has no practical value, after all, it is one of the great inheritance of my demon clan, and it must not fall into the hands of human monks. Poison Jiao looked at Han Li coldly and said with a sharp flash on his face. I have heard about the killing of the beast. But I really don't know about the loss of the "Sanskrit True Film". Without this inheritance, the beast clan would not be able to secure the position of the royal family of Wanzhanghai. Could it be that the Jiaolong clan wants to enter this sea area? The crack wind beast's face moved and asked with a strange smile at the poison Jiao. I don't know about that. After all, I seldom ask about the affairs within the clan. However, I am very interested in what is recorded in the true film of Sanskrit, which is called Sanskrit. It is said that this skill is an ancient secret skill handed down from the ancient demon clan, which is extremely powerful. It is a pity that several pieces of Sanskrit tablets recording this exercise have long been scattered, and it is impossible to restore this exercise. Poison Jiao's face first showed the color of interest. Then he preached with regret. Ha-ha! Brother Wu is too greedy. What ancient secret art? I think it's just a rumor. I don't believe that the Dragon of Jiaolong Clan will be worse than this skill. The turtle demon suddenly interrupted with a ha-ha.
"That's true.". The Hualong Jue of our clan has been cultivated to the depth, and can turn Jiao into Jackie Chan. Naturally, it is also the top skill of the demon clan. Poison Jiao heard this, his face can not help but flash a trace of pride, some self-satisfied sermon. Feng Xi smiled and did not comment on the matter. A true film of Sanskrit? Han Li, sitting aside, heard the name. The surface looks as usual, but the heart can not help but move. I thought of the piece of copper that I had just got. The copper piece recorded the method of demon cultivation, and it looked very powerful. Is it really so coincidental that these two demons are talking about this thing? Although I don't know the specific use of "Sanskrit True Film", I know it must be a hot potato when I hear the inheritance of the demon clan. Could it be that the black-skinned friar was the culprit of the abyssal beast tide? He is the cultivation of the middle period of Jiedan, and it is not impossible to destroy a seven-level monster. Han Li murmured to himself, but he didn't panic much in his heart. He is now a typical person who has no worries about debts. In a situation where his life is at stake. There are so many hot potatoes that Han Li doesn't care. Perhaps feel that Han Li is here, there are more secret things not easy to discuss. Feng Xi then turned his face and said to Han Li lightly: "Li Daoyou, you have just entered the late stage of Jiedan, and you still need to consolidate your realm.". Fengmou doesn't want to have an accident when your magic power is suddenly not good enough to refine the treasure. You'd better follow this light and go back to the house to rest and practice. After saying this, the crack wind beast raised his hand, flew out a white ball of light from his fingertips, and flew to a side door. Han Li has no choice. He could only stand up with a forced smile and follow the ball of light out of the hall. At this time, he actually wanted to hear more about the secrets of the demon clan! When he reached the door,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, Feng Xi's warning came from behind him. At ordinary times, Taoist friends had better stay in the house and not go out easily, otherwise Fengmou misunderstood something. It's not easy to do! This demon repair said lightly. pioneer-biotech.com