About Me

Grace, the passionate owner of Sweet Dreams Acres, brings a rich heritage and heartfelt dedication to her donkey breeding program. Growing up, Grace was enchanted by her mother’s stories of rural Ireland, where taking a donkey and cart to the creamery was a cherished part of daily life. This deep connection to her mother’s past inspired Grace to pursue a life surrounded by these gentle animals.

Though Grace was raised in suburban Long Island after her mother moved to NYC at the age of 20, she never lost sight of her rural roots. After spending years in the corporate world in the NYC area, Grace transitioned to consulting on small projects, allowing her the freedom to realize her mother’s dream. She found the perfect place to do so in Tewksbury Township, New Jersey, a picturesque and well-kept secret that bears a striking resemblance to the Irish countryside.

At Sweet Dreams Acres, Grace combines her professional expertise with her love for donkeys, creating a haven where these wonderful animals can thrive. Her farm reflects her commitment to quality care and the preservation of a cherished family tradition, making Sweet Dreams Acres a true testament to Grace’s dedication and her mother’s enduring legacy.

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