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We have many different things for you and your donkeys. We have special halters for just your donkeys. Stable and deluxe where one size fits any miniature on the farm from one year and up.
Halters for Miniature Donkeys. Basic Stable Style and Deluxe Style
It’s almost impossible to go to your local feed store or order out of a catalog and get a halter that fit’s your miniature donkey’s head! Most of the halters that you buy/order are designed for miniature horses, but donkey and horse heads are very different from each other.
Our halters ‘fit’ miniature donkeys!

Our basic stable halters are 3/4″ nylon webbing with a nice black or white trim on the nose, cheek and crown piece. Our deluxe halters are made out of 3/4″ nylon webbing; they have a buckle on both sides of the crown and an adjustable slide on the throat and chin. One size will fit any miniature donkey on your farm over one year of age!

Use this link: http://www.lordshillfarm.com/assendtrading/halters.html to learn more about our halters and how to measure your donkey’s head for a perfect fit, plus information on how to place your order. All of our halters are guaranteed. We also have nice donkey blankets-ceramic donkeys and sand blasted donkey items. Check out the web page and let me know if there is some thing we can do for you. (3/25)

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