About Us

We have raised miniature donkeys for a number of years, but have now retired and sold most of our breeding donkeys. However I still have 2 geldings, 2 older jennets and my Jack, Zane. I just cannot see my life with out any donkeys.

We are members of the ADMS, NMDA, Northern California Miniature Donkeys Breeders and will continue to support the Gotdonkeys website. Our donkeys have  participated in Charity events, local parades, Love Your Pet Expo, Tehama District Fair and several NMDA approved Miniature Donkey Shows on the West Coast. (3/23)

Additional Info

OwnerCheryl Austin

Home of Old West Zane Grey, 32", dark brown.
Austin's Farm Winchester, 32 3/4", light red.

For Sale

Please check periodically for new foals