About Us

We raise a large variety of mini donkeys to please every buyer. We have micro mini’s, woolys, dark spots and just about everything else! We have breeding stock and just plain ole pets!! The donkeys are well cared for and up to date on all their health needs. (3/25)

Additional Info

OwnerSandy and Rick Bainbridge

Arrow Creek Harry Houdini 34" black wooly
MGF Raggedy Andy 32 1/2" brn spot wooly
Papetti's Little Man 27 1/2" dark brown Micro
Donkette Korral Patent Pending 29 3/4" Black and white
Bainbridge's Turbulance 31 1/2" black and white

Co-owned with KZ Asspiration Acres:
MGF Dr. Shivago 32 1/2" black and white wooly
LUA Maxx's Little Buckeroo 30 1/2" black semi wooly
Heikens Ark Kennedy 31" black and white spot