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In the South of France, little herd from America. Small sized Miniature donkeys and extra small. Mini red mules. I have raised miniatures for over 33 years.

Great conformation and gentle personality.
Many American Champion jennets. Sires of some are : MGF Prime Time, MGF Michelangelo, MGF Future Link, Flight of Fancy Cardinal RG, Country Music’s Garth Brooks, Sunset Acres Two Bits, HotDay in July.
Very happy to meet you in France (8/19)

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OwnerElisabeth Schneider

GLR Tiny TRISTAN, USA Multiple Champion & Best of Breed - 2011 National Reserve Pre-Green Champion 28'75

For Sale

Quality and small babies each year from jennets never bred before 3,5 yrs old.
Mature jennets upon request.
Export experience.

Additional Websitehttp://www.aneminiature.com


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