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We breed quality registered miniature donkeys. We have a great variety of colour, sorrels, blacks, spotted, grey, and chocolates. We are happy to talk donkeys and to show you our herd and new foals! (3/21)

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OwnerChristine and Andy Robinson

T-Berry's Anakin, a frosted white spotted sire, 31"

For Sale

We usually have a few foals for sale each year, contact us to find out our current stock!


One response to “Camar Farms”

  1. Hi. I’m looking preferably for a gelded donkey. Miniature or standard.
    Can be a retired breeder or a middle aged gentleman.
    We have 7 pet goats and 4 pet sheep that I would like to protect.
    If you have any donkeys that would work or know of someone that would be great. Must be friendly and easy to handle. Thank you.

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