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Our vision is to breed miniature donkeys with correct conformation first through a high pedigree. Genetics are carefully studied and planned breeding\’s are decided upon with several factors in mind. Due to our climate I have moved our breeding program into a “wooly” direction. We have early falls, harsh winters, and late springs here and the long coated donkeys get extra protection from the elements. We will continue our black color breeding program. Copper Star Farm has many donkeys that are unique and we are continuing the legacy of many farms that came before us. ALL donkeys are micro-chipped and are registered with ADMS, Canadian or the Standard Donkey Registry (4/25)

Additional Info

OwnerEmily D. Hoponick

Copper Star Farm’s MGFeltrinelle Editore is going to be starting his breeding career Spring 2015. He continues the work of Jerry and Barbara McRobert’s. We are very excited to have him and his mother, the beautiful & sweet MGF Venus White Raven here at our farm. “Feltrinelli” is a super wooly tri-color spot (red/black&white). He is small, compact with a heavy bone and a beautiful face. He has carried his coat year round in addition to carrying the blue eye dilute gene. I cannot wait to see his foals. He is currently out breeding all of the open & maiden jennets on the farm.
Copper Star Farm’s Spartan Warrior is now breeding jennets for foals on the ground in September of 2016. Tiny and a rare black roan with light points he carries the dominant blue-eye dilute gene. He is easy on the girls and we are looking forward to seeing what this amazing genetic jack can produce.
Copper Star Farm's Trojan Warrior is black and white with Blue Eyes! He stands at 30.5”. His genetics are amazing with some big names and lots of interesting colors: fully frosted white, black roan, black nlp, pink, dark spots and the elusive black and spot! He will have babies on the ground starting May 2015-July 2015.
Donkette Korral's Red Rock has a unique red roaning pattern to his deep rich red coat. Currently “Red” is breeding our Texas jennets and several other red based jennets for 2014 foals. Red Rock’s foals could be a unique out cross for seasoned red miniature donkey breeders. He has a red sire but his mother is spotted and his grandparents are black/red/spotted. At 30 ¾” tall Red also carries the Blue Eye dilute gene
We have an up and coming new herd sire from Cabinwood Farm in Ohio. Cabinwood's Hitman is a super small compact sharp looking guy. He is showing a lot of potential to be a renown herd sire. As all ivory carriers he has the "ice blue" ivory eye. Look for his foals in 2019!

For Sale

Check out my website for Donkeys for Sale!
Foals will be posted within 24-48 Hrs. If you want to be on the email notification list contact: emilyhoponick@hotmail.com . We have 1 more foals due this year, 2017.
We do take 1/2 deposits on any donkey foals that are not ready to go home "yet". Donkeys are ready to leave when they are 5-6 months old and weaned. Payment plans are available and you can pay up to the delivery date. You have 2-6 months to pay off any donkey depending on your financial situation. Payment must be made in full before delivery/pick-up. Any owner requesting a coggins health certificate for an animal must pay for this in full. All animals are vaccinated with a 3 way vaccination and micro-chipped before they leave. ADMS paper may be pending.
The website is normally updated and current. If you have any questions please call. Donkey Hotline is open 24/7. If you are new to donkeys, and are a new breeder, please consider my foals. They are outstanding and will prove to be great jennets and jack for your future herds.
We would be happy to work with breeders outside of the USA.