Our Miniature Donkey farm is located in the Eola Hills Wine Country. We have many nice local wineries that surround us. Make a day of it…plan a day out to see our small herd of Miniature Donkeys and stop at a couple of wineries, too. We don’t specialize in any one color of donkey…we love them all!! We do strive for straight, well balanced breeding animals with good pedigrees. We believe that is the key to beautiful foals. Our foals are loved on daily. You can’t help but love them…they won’t let you out of the paddock until you do!! Please give us a call or stop on by…we love company!! (4/19)

Additional Info

OwnerChuck & Glenda Lawrence

We have a new herdsire...his name is LCSF Mojave Red. Check him out on our herdsire page at http://www.miniheehaws.com He is a 29 1/2" bright red ball of cuteness!! We've only had him a few months but he has fitted himself into our program very nicely. His foals should start arriving this Fall and we're very excited to check them out. Stud Fee: $300

For Sale

We have foals arriving soon. Watch our 'new arrivals' page at http://www.miniheehaws.com There's nothing cuter than a baby donkey!!


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