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We raise miniatures that are registered with the American Donkey and Mule Society (ADMS). Our small herd has been specifically chosen for their colour, excellent conformation and their wonderful dispositions. Each of our donkeys have their own personality and it is such a joy to watch them play every day.
Our foals are imprinted at birth and all our donkeys are handled daily. They have so much love to give!

Our donkeys have their full vaccinations, regular hoof trimming, are on a regular de-worming schedule and have microchip identification. (1/20)

Additional Info

OwnerCory & Caroline Feaver

Name: Circle S Farm Bruno
Dam: Circle S Farm Miss Kitty (29")
Sire: Circle S Farm Gun Slinger (31 1/2")
DOB; 7/21/2011
Height: 30"
Colour: Dark Brown & White spot

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