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You will find us in sunny Northern California, Just 7 miles off interstate 5. We are always happy to help you with info and advice. We have raised miniature donkeys since 1993 and have loved every minute of it. We have mini-donkeys for sale all year as we have three breeding jacks and eleven breeding jennets. All of our donkeys are hand raised and halter trained from birth. They are fully vaccinated,registered, micro-chipped and loved. We have a variety of colors, white, spotted, brown, black and gray. Our donkey herd is smaller in stature as our herd sires are 31, 29, 27 inches, Our jennets range from 30 to 31 with two being 32 inches.

We always welcome questions any time, also please feel free to contact us if you would like to come and visit the ranch.

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Additional Info

OwnerJack & Gail Heaney
Ranch News

We have had 5 babies so far this year and all are spoken for but we have one more due.

We are also going to be using our two junior herd sires this year for 2020 babies. Cannot wait to see what they bring us, as Jimmy who is white has black and white in his pedigree and Josef also has black and white in his pedigree along with him being gray, which really is my favorite color.

This year we will be breeding Beulah May, Katrina, Elleberry, Tinker, and Maggie Wheelock. for 2020 babies.


Gail's Uncle Alton 31 inch brown/gray and very sweet with great conformation, Which shows in all of his babies.
Junior Herd Sires: Will use for breeding this year
Gail's Jimmy Pops Morris 29 inch fully frosted white with a great temperament and body structure, He has black and white in his pedigree.
Rancho Rhea's Josef Edward Olson 27 inch beautiful gray with a small stature and great conformation. We are expecting great things out of him

For Sale

Five of our 2019 babies have been born and are spoken for, so we do not have anything for sale right now but.. Licorice is still waiting.
Katrina Rasmussen 31"--Due March 6, 2019--Bred to Uncle Alton --31"--Brown/gray-- Gray female-sold
Sister Mary Nativity 31"--Due April 6, 2019--Bred to Uncle Alton --31"--Brown/gray -- Brown Male- sold
Black Licorice 32"--Due September 8, 2019--Bred to Uncle Alton --31"--Brown/gray--still waiting
Laverne Russell 32"--Due May 23, 2019--Bred to Uncle Alton --31"--Brown/gray -- Brown female- sold
Aunt Dolly 31 1/2"--Due July 10, 2019--Bred to Uncle Alton --31"--Brown/gray-- Dark Brown female--Keeping her for ourselves
June Ellen 31" Due July 9, 2019--Bred to Uncle Alton --31"--Brown/gray-- Dark brown female-sold


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  1. I’m looking to purchase a mini donkey….my name is Darek and I have a ranch in Phoenix…look forward to hearing from you..thank you.

  2. We are looking for miniature donkey to be a companion for our 10 year old gelding spotted saddle horse. Riley is very calm and lovable.

  3. Do u just have mini donkeys?? My dad lives in napa and bought a small farm we have 3 goats and 30 chicken so far.. show much are they and do I deliver??

  4. We are looking for a pair of mini donkeys. Do you have any for sale currently?

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