About Us

Happy Jacks Farm (also know as Happy Jacks Ranch) is located in Columbia County NY. We breed and sell minis, standards and mammoth donkeys.  Our foals are handled from day one. Our goals is to have happy donkeys and happier customers. (10/24)

Additional Info

OwnerJudy Hamm
Ranch News

We are expecting our foals to start arriving Late April and continue through August 2025. We currently have some jennets for sale.


Gardner's Verlin Red/Gray-Dun 32 1/2 inches
Happy Jacks' Black Walnut Black 29 inches
Happy Jacks' Famous Amos Gray-Dun 32 inches
Happy Jacks' Whitey McKenzie Mostly White with Black markings 30 inches

For Sale

Foals will be posted on facebook page and website spring and summer 2025

Stud service availableNo