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Nestled among the lacing grape vineyards of southwestern Michigan’s rolling hills, lovingly operated by a mother/daughter team, Hawkwind’s Farm is home to over twenty miniature donkeys and mules. A variety of colors, these jennets and jacks have been strategically selected with the strictest standards for conformation, past production, intelligence, and kindness, resulting in the consistent production of foals displaying correct conformation, a willingness to learn, and a desire to interact with their human friends. Combining meticulous attention to a detailed breeding program with a focus on human interaction has resulted in foals that are equipped to meet all needs, displaying the competitive edge necessary for the show ring with a desire for love and affection.
So why not just take a leisurely stroll through the paths of our web site as you enjoy the pictures and stories of our wonderful jacks, jennets, andtheir offspring. Similar to any farm, our web site will be a continuous work in progress, as we will always be adding and updating with current news, new arrivals and more recent photographs. So- please excuse any construction on the site, ‘step over those boards’ when they are in the way, and check back often to see what’s been added. Thank you for taking the time to view our web site. My wish is that you enjoy your visit and that it touches you in some small way. I hope that you will feel the blessing of the friendship and love of a miniature donkey. (3/19)

Additional Info

OwnerRebecca Labs

Itsy Bitsy Triple Crown - 31" Dark Brown - Multiple Grand Champion (son of Sunset Acres Smart Derby)
DuPlessis Farm's Pepe Petit - 29 1/2" Dark Brown & White Spotted

For Sale

1 very tiny dark brown jack (24 1/2" at 8 months) out of show parents
1 dark spotted jack foal
Please check our website for updated information on these two jack foals along with additional miniature donkeys that we have for sale. We frequently travel to OH and western PA, delivery along our route is always free.


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