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If you want to add little friends to your family, Heritage Hill Farm has just the animals for you——miniature donkeys.
We are a small donkey farm in Ledyard, Connecticut. Our donkeys receive a lot of attention and love daily as well as green pastures for grazing and playing. All foals are named and imprinted from day one. They are very friendly and people oriented. Each donkey is handled daily with loving care. Our management includes de-worming every two months, hoofs trimmed on a regular basis, and properly scheduled vaccinations. Please call for availability of donkeys of all ages and genders.. Visitors are always welcome, but are asked to call ahead for an appointment. (3/21)

Additional Info

OwnerRosemarie & Bruce Garstka

Grand Finale Farm Hot Embers a 29 1/2 inch deep sorrel jack. His conformation is outstanding. All it takes is one look to tell he has everything a jack is made of.
Hot Embers has an extended pedigree. His grandsire is Black Russian. He is registered with ADMS.
We feel very fortunate to have Hot Embers as a stud on HHF. He is the completed package.

WOTC Winston is new to the HHF breeding program. He is a 30 3/4 inch brown and white spotted jack built, short and stocky with excellent conformation.
Winston is one handsome jack. He throws mostly spotted foals. With his same conformation.
Winston's pedigree can be traced to the early imports. He is registered with ADMS. His grandsire is LN Rising Son.

For Sale

Please Contact Rosemarie for donkeys for sale