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OwnerKim & David Fuson

We have several outstanding herdsires of various colors, spotted and wooly.
PWF Geronimo..Dk. Brown & white spotted
Li'l Angel's Galaxy..Blk
BR Monte Carlo...Beautiful Red
BR Caro...Pale sorrel
BR Motown's Intrepid..blue Black
Sunset Acres Leonardo...Red
The Elm's Singing in The Rain..Dk Brown &white Wooly

For Sale

We always have a selection of color, spot's and ages offered for sale, both herdsire jacks and lovely jennets. A few geldings and lovely companion lovebugs for you to select from.

We represent our donkeys honestly and stand behind their quality. We guarantee their conformation, gentle personalities, good health and trainable dispositions. We are pleased to offer diverse pedigrees from proven bloodlines, and professional, experienced breeders who for years continue to produce donkeys with genetic consistency and championship wins from coast to coast. Our foundation bloodlines come across the United States and Canada. Our bloodlines are from the following famous, reputable breeders that are known for their high standards and quality. We breed miniature donkeys and provide coaching to show and confidently raise a champion donkey. LTA is committed to your satisfaction

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