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The focus of our small farm is to breed outstanding, colorful and conformational correct miniature donkeys for both the professional breeder and hobby owner to enjoy and appreciate. We represent our donkeys honestly and stand behind their quality. We guarantee their conformation, gentle personalities, good health and trainable dispositions. We are pleased to offer diverse pedigrees from proven bloodlines, and professional, experienced breeders who for years continue to produce donkeys with genetic consistency and championship wins from coast to coast. (1/23)


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OwnerKim Fuson
Ranch News

February 2020 --- Welcome to Winter in Southern California! After much thought, we have decided to focus our breeding to specific bloodlines and woolies. This means some of our lovies are available for sale! We would like to reduce our herd size to enable us to introduce some fabulous new bloodlines. We are entertaining reasonable offers on some of the best Donkeys in Southern California... Give me a call and let's talk "donkey"!! ~ Kim


We have several outstanding herdsires of various colors, spotted and wooly.
PWF Geronimo..Dk. Brown & white spotted
Li'l Angel's Galaxy..Blk
BR Monte Carlo...Beautiful Red
BR Caro...Pale sorrel
BR Motown's Intrepid..blue Black
Sunset Acres Leonardo...Red
The Elm's Singing in The Rain..Dk Brown &white Wooly

For Sale

Looking for a quality Herd Sire or Jennet to add to your herd? A few lovebug pets for your family to enjoy? OR...maybe you want to find a GREAT breeding pair to start raising miniature Donkeys ...You can find what you are looking for at Love That Ass .Call Kim at 619-772-7108 in Sunny California