About Us

The Mini Donkey farm is a beautiful place where you will find peace and fall in love with mini donkeys.

We started breeding Miniature Donkeys in 2023 and are very proud of our beautiful herd. We have all the colors (spotted, black, brown, grey and red!) People always comment on how friendly our donkeys are and how well taken care of they are. We spend a lot of time with them. They receive lots of love and affection everyday and love all the attention that they come up to anyone for cuddles. We have a passion for loving and protecting these little long ears. We are also a donkey sanctuary and have a few rescue donkeys and horses. (4/25)


Additional Info

OwnerElla Gagiano

“KiTerra's Raindance“ (2006) Spotted

For Sale

2024 baby donkeys

Stud service availableYes
Information on Services Offered


Our webpage with info and pictures on services offered https://www.instagram.com/minidonkeyfarm/