I’ve relocated! I’m now in Woodlawn, VA. I’ve cut the herd to a small number. I’m retired now. I now have 13 Registered Donkeys, (11 jennys & 2 geldings) I’ve got 5 Registered Dk Sorrel Jennys for sale. At the present time they’re open. Hopefully my barn will be built in April. Depending on the weather and the contractor doesn’t get further behind with his other projects. Then I will have the Jack delivered from Texas, Windcrest Comet’s Fire and Ice “Comet”. He’s a Brown & White spotted Jack 28 1/2″. Then I will breed the 5 Jennys to him unless the Jenny or jennys you purchase you want bred to your Jack (3/19)

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OwnerLoretta Caywood

In April it will be Windcrest Comet's Fire and Ice, brown & white spot 28 1/2"


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