About Us

We live on an 80 acre farm in Swansea, SC. We raise our miniature donkeys, have a few cows, some chickens, show Halter Horses, raise French Bulldogs and Pembroke Welsh Corgis. We are retired and our farm was our bucket list. (4/21)

Additional Info

OwnerBrenda Long

Our herd sire Chico is 30 inches small and is a handsome guy in his gray with white blaze coat.

We have a little Chocolate Fellow CoCoMo that is going to give Chico some competition with the girls in about a year. He will be about 28" short and he is personality plus right now. We are keeping his mother too as she is going to add some beauty to our herd with her future babies.

For Sale

We are waiting for babies to arrive in the spring. However if you are interested in bred jennies we are downsizing our herd and we have several in various colors ie gray, sorrel, gray and white spotted, black and white, and white. The prices vary depending on the donkey but they start at $800.00. Our baby donkeys will run from $400 for jacks to $500 -$700 for Jennets when they are born.