About Us

We are located in the “hills” of central Florida just north of Dade City. Our donkeys are handled every day with kisses, scratching and ear rubs so they love humans! Our site is not ready so call or email us for pictures. (1/25)

Additional Info

OwnerRay and Katharine Herbert

Little Long Ears Farm Emilio
is a 31 inch sorrel with a sweet disposition and good confirmation

For Sale

We have a beautiful (gray with brown) 18 month old jack that is ready to go to be your sire or a wonderful companion or pet. Sweet and friendly.
We just had two more jacks in the last month. One is a beautiful chocolate with black and auburn. We call him Snickers and he is adorable!
The other little boy is totally black with a little gray inside his ears. if you want black he's your jack!!
Call me and I will send you pictures of all three!