About Us

We are located in far northern California.  We have a ranch in Red Bluff and another in Whitmore, CA.  We currently have a herd of 40+ donkeys, consisting of 5 miniature jacks (three of which are micros) & several miniature and micro jennies. Our herd is made up of reds, blacks, light/dark and black spotted, frosted spotted white and the traditional gray and browns.  We strive to produce quality donkeys whether show or pet. (6/21)

Additional Info

OwnerKevin and Linda Russell

Russell Ranch "Moe Moe" FSW, Russell Ranch "Russell's Muscles" Dk Spotted (micro), Cedar View "Max Factor" Black NLP (micro), Ranch Rhea "Max" Black (micro), and last but not least Cedar View "Sergeant Pepper" very loud Black and White Spotted.

For Sale

We have foals, and occasionally adults, available for sale throughout the year. Contact us for updated information.

Additional E-Mailkevlin5859@gmail.com