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Our donkey adventure started in the fall of 2006 with the purchase of My World Molly and her jack foal who is now known as S&B Minis Sarge. The herd quickly grew as we enjoyed spending time with all the donkeys as a stress reliever from our full time jobs. As the years past we watched the market and made the decision to breed for darks and dark spots in early 2010. In the fall of the same year the perfect opportunity to meet all our goals came in the form of the sale of Lewis Mill Farms herd. We purchased their herd in the fall of 2010 and will be moving them to Michigan in the spring of 2011. These animals are not like any herd that we have seen in the Midwest. If you are looking for that short, stocky, heavy boned donkey with great confirmation and disposition we now have them. These animals would do great in the show ring but with an eight and three year old involved in sports year around that is not an option at this time. We know some people discount animals without show experience but that would be a huge mistake with this herd without seeing them in person. Please come see what we consider to be one of the best breeding herds in the Midwest. (3/20)

Additional Info

OwnerTim Soergel

G.A. Lonestar’s Houston 28” Black NLP
Lewis Mill’s Lil’ Rooster 26-3/4” Dark Chocolate NLP
Lewis Mill’s Buttons 30-1/2” Black and White(23 month height)
S&B Minis Sarge 32-1/4” Red/Gray-Dun

For Sale

2 young jacks out of Houston (on foal page)
1 young jack out of Lil' Rooster (on foal page)
The for sale page includes some animals that will not fit into our new breeding program including a black and white herdsire out of Fishers Painted Voodoo.


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