Donkeys are my passion! I have hand-picked my herd from all over Canada and the US, focusing on pedigree, conformation, temperament, and colour. Most of my donkeys are registered as Miniature Mediterranean donkeys that have bloodlines going back to the original imports. All of my foals are well imprinted at birth and handled from head to hoof daily thereafter. I pride myself on fast, friendly and knowledgeable customer service well after the donkey leaves our farm. Visitors are always welcome by appointment. (2/19)

Additional Info

OwnerSherry Leitch

Ass-Pirin Acres Git R Dun (Jake)
Jet black w/cross & light points - 31"
Bloodlines include: Gladybrooke, Boones, LN, and Fishers.
This boy is built like a tank just like his granddaddy - Gladybrooke Skip and he has the most loveable and gentle temperament - a trait that is extremely important in my breeding program.

For Sale

Stay tuned for our foals arriving this spring and summer.
Payment plans can be arranged and delivery is available.
We are familiar with all necessary paperwork to ship our foals across the border.


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