About Us

Here at Shooting Star Acres we will never have more than a hands-on herd of Miniature donkeys.  We will always keep it small so we can love them all!  Our loving philosophy is very important to us and we will only breed a select few jennets each year producing healthy High-Quality foals, each with excellent conformation and good-natured attitudes.  Whether for breeding, for showing or just for making a child or adult a wonderful pet and friend, we want our Shooting Star Miniature donkeys to be the best anywhere in the world.

Please enjoy our website, check out our herd, lets us know if you see anything of interest and by all means give us a call and stop by for a visit.  Like all the other wonderful donkey people I have ever met.  We LOVE to talk donkey!!

Here at Shooting Star Acres we want you to love our donkeys, like WE do!

When you purchase a Shooting Star Acres donkey you become part of the Family.

We will never let a miniature donkey leave here without a lot of love and affection. (11/24)

Additional Info

OwnerLeanne and Matt Toombs

Mini Gs Jett