We are located in Montana and have been raising Miniature Donkeys since 1989. We have just recently purchased Arrow Creek Sambo to cross on our daughters of Hartman Donkeys Peanuts and Arrow Creek Little Joe hoping to get the long hair from Peanuts and the spots from Joe on some of the foals sired by Sambo. I try to have a price range for everyone. Please feel to contact me if you if you would like more information or just to talk minis. (3/19)

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OwnerDot Brockmier


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  1. Hi Dot,

    We are *thinking* about the possibility of purchasing two miniature donkeys for pets. We have nearly 7.5 acres so we definitely have the space.Our question though: how much do you charge per donkey and when will you have two available for sale?

    Thank you!


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