About Us

Raising quality registered miniature and micro-mini donkeys is a passion for us… they are our ‘kids’. We specialize in micro-mini donkeys and have a fantastic herd of tiny donkeys.  Micro-minis are still miniature donkeys they are just at the small end of the size range.  Anyone who’s been around little donkeys, knows how sweet and lovable they are. We strive for good conformation, gentle dispositions, extended pedigrees, as well as small sizes and a variety of colors. Our herd sires are from multiple different bloodlines.

We are located in SE Iowa, just 12 miles from Muscatine, IA. Visitors and inquiries are always welcome… We look forward to meeting others who share our love of donkeys… And hope you consider us when buying your ‘first’ or ‘next’ donkey. (3/25)

Additional Info

OwnerCarmen & Dorie Gruetzmacher

Sunny G's Starbuck, 25 1/2" - Gray-Dun with star (Yes, he truly is that small)
Sunny G's Lil' Captain, 25 1/2" - Gray-Dun (Starbuck son)
Sunny G's Dakota, 26 1/4" - Brown & White Spot
Sunny G's Snickers, 27" - Gray-Dun with dark nose
Sunny G's Prince Charming, 28" - Black no cross
Sunny G's Stud Muffin, 27 3/4" - Brown
Sunny G's Short Change, 29 " - Black with cross
Sunny G's Maverick - Junior herd sire - Gray-Dun with large star

For Sale

We usually have a waiting list for donkeys, but that can depend on what you are looking for. Some want donkeys for breeding, some just as pets, and others want little donkeys for therapy work or some other purpose. We try to match up donkeys to each person's specific wants or needs. All donkeys leave here with good basic training, but we often do additional specialty training when needed before donkeys leave for their new home.

We would like to thank everyone that has purchased donkeys from us, and a special thanks to all our repeat buyers.