About Us

We are not your average backyard breeder. Nestled in Pottersville, New Jersey, Sweet Dreams Acres is home to a variety of animals living in picturesque pastures with acres to roam (while being careful to limit excess grazing). We raise mini donkeys (MDR/ADR and pet quality), Nigerian Dwarf Goats, chickens, and several family pets. (5/24)

Additional Info

OwnerGrace Santoro
Ranch News

Our Junebug (AKA "Moira Rose" for her fans at her previous ranch) is due imminently with a Spring 2023 Foal. SFM Marybeth (AKA "Daisy") will foal in Summer 2023. She is ADR registered.

Our webpage with info and pictures on services offered https://www.sweetdreamsacres.net