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We are a small breeding farm between the Blue Ridge Mountains and Washington, D.C. that produces between 4 and 8 gently raised weanlings a year. Our stock have been imprinted at birth and are handled daily to produce gentle showing, driving and/or petting prospects. Registered and registry eligible. Please call or email us for the latest weanling/yearling updates! (10/19)

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OwnerEmiel and Lynda Smet


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  1. Hi there, my husband and I own a small farm in Elkwood, VA (Bees & Trees) and are interested in purchasing a mini donkey partly for protection of our 4 goats but mostly for our petting and loving and that of the children that come to the farm. We do not have any other equine at the time and wonder if it is better to add two at once or have one, let it get used to us and the farm and then add the other. Do you all have a recommendation as to what is best for the donkeys?

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