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After spending many years with these wonderful donkeys it is now time to bring it to an end due to many reasons.I have placed some of my better jennets in breeding homes so they will continue to produce wonderful foals with great rumps,straight legs, even bites and wonderful colors.
I sold TLA Winter Magic Special to a outstanding breeding farm so look forward to his foals in the coming years. Herd sire Splendor’s Kings Ransom was gelded and sold.

Due to unforeseen opportunities ,I have acquired a black/ white spotted jack and a black/ white spotted jennet so I will breed for Spring 2016 and look forward to some exceptional foals. (1/20)

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OwnerCarol Cooper
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I have a few select jennets for sale and one driving gelding. I will add more information as soon as I get current pictures.


Black and white spotted jack, information to follow.

For Sale

Driving gelding


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  1. Breeding AgeJennets

    I’m interested in buying two nice Jennets with different bloodlines to add to my herd.

    Do you have any for sale?

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Thank you,


  2. I do not like the new gotdonkeys web site so fail to check on any emails. notices or alerts… very sorry

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