About Us

A small farm in a sag just outside the city of Charlottesville, Virginia. I have 2 jacks and 12 jennets that produce really cute  babies each year. The babies are usually ready for new homes in the fall of the year.Go to www.witchavenminis.biz  and check out the children. (11/21)

Additional Info

OwnerVicki Seymour

Black Gold: A black and white jack who is exceptionally mannered. His babies are the same. Handling them daily creates a very pet-like personality which is bred down to the kids!

Stollie Samsom who is a semi wooly jack also a sweetheart! He is a gentle breeder and watches out over the entire herd when he does not have visiting rights.
Both Jacks are well mannered and have expectation they will be petted and ears scratched before any other activities take place!

For Sale

I have a pr of young males that are very small and quite adorable. As I am writing this babies are being born and have been posted on my website. There are some very friendly and curious girls this year. Girls out number the boys 5 to 1. Go to http://www.witchavenminis.biz and check out the 2019 children. Thanks in advance for your interest. These little guys really become part of the family!