About Us

We have been raising registered Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys since 2011. We have our own jacks and a small herd of 8-10 breeding jennies . We have experience with breeding, raising, and showing registered stock of all kinds over the years, including Quarter Horses and Paints, exotic beef cattle, Dairy cattle, pigs, and now mini donkeys, but we are concentrating on the mini donkeys exclusively now.

We have 6-7 baby donkeys every year, and sell most of them as babies for breeding, therapy, pets, and/or companions. We sell them as bonded pairs after weaning at 4 + months. We imprint with them at birth, and enjoy working with them and handling them every day of their lives here. They are taught ground manners and to lead, have their feet trimmed, learn to tolerate organic fly spray application in the summer months, and are brushed daily and handled from the tips of their ears to the tips of their toes!!!

We stand behind our donkeys 100%, and consider them a total joy to have around. We have MANY visitors all year around who like to meet and learn about our little herd of adorable critters. Please contact us if you are interested in have a lot of “low blood pressure moments”!!!!! (12/23)


Additional Info

OwnerKaren W. Pinkney

Ross Farm Vanilla Coke , 2011 gray and white spotted jack "Sammy". He has been with us for 9 years.
Wychmere LJT Jonesy, 2016 Brown jack "Jonesy", born and raised here on our farm.

For Sale

We have 2 June 2022 baby jacks available as a bonded pair: 1 spotted gray and white by our spotted jack Sammy, and 1 brown by our brown jack Jonesy.

Stud service availableNo