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The American Donkey & Mule Society
Leah Patton, Office Manager,
Faz: 972-420-9980
PO Box 1210, Lewisville TX 75067

Founded in 1967, ADMS is the original all-breed registry.  Administers 5 registries for Miniatures, Standards/Mammoth, Mules, Zebra Hybrids and Race mules.  Registration with ADMS required for most shows – info on registration, membership, and more at website.  Your membership includes the BRAYER magazine published 6 x year. You don’t have to own longears to be member  – everyone welcome!

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National Miniature Donkey Association
Lynn Gattari, Office Manager,
Phone: 315-336-6154
Fax: 315-339-4414
6450 Dewey Road, Rome, New York, 13440

Founded in 1989, You will find info on  Show rules, Miniature Donkey registration,  membership, and more at our website.  Your membership includes the Asset magazine.

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American Donkey Association
President: Katrina Fleener
Phone:  615-849-3836
4520 Sharpsville Road, Murfreesboro TN 37170

American Donkey Association is comprised of enthusiasts seeking to promote the love and gentle nature of Donkeys through activities, increasing shows and knowledge. We are a national organization encouraging input from farms, breeders, exhibitors, rescues and hobbyists to increase awareness of these magnificent equine. We believe your membership in American Donkey Association will be beneficial and extremely rewarding.

Our goals are as follows:
# Promote the welfare of donkeys
# Help others be a better donkey owner through education
# Expand donkey activities and shows
# Have fun and enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded donkey owners
# Expand contacts with other donkey owners and associations
# Administer and promote the American Donkey Association Excellence-Supreme Program for members showing at NMDA shows.

American Donkey Association is innovative and always seeking new, fresh ideas from members and the donkey community to meet our goals.
Membership is open to all persons interested in all sizes of Donkeys. We encourage you to join us today and “Make a Difference” in the Donkey community.

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Heehaw Forever
Megan Braga / President
San Francisco, CA 94083

I am the founder of Heehaw Forever.  I am a lover of donkeys who would like to meet other donkey lovers so I can spend time with people who share my love for these sweet little animals.  To me there is nothing more precious than the sight of these creatures curled up with me while I read under a tree or watching a group of them play flag football.  If you are as passionate as I am about these creatures, please contact me at  .

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Northern California Miniature Donkey Breeders
Gail Heaney/ President
Phone/Fax: 530-384-1318
Tehama County, CA

We are an organized group of Miniature Donkey owners and breeders in the North State who have regular meetings, play days and clinics. We also do many community service activities, such as petting zoos, parades and fair exhibits.  Please visit our website for more information and photos. Please note that you do not have to be a member to attend any of our events.

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Rocky Mountain Long Ear Association
  Lucie Wisehart, President
  Phone: 970-397-6088
  P O Box 235, Brighton Colorado 80603

Promoting mule activities in many shows, parades and trial rides.  meetings are the 1st Monday of each month and are usually held at the branding iron cafe in ft. Lupton Colorado. Right off of highway 85 and highway 52.

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Western Pack Burro Ass-ociation
Richard Emond, President
Phone: 303-561-1810
225 Laughing Valley Ranch Road, Idaho Springs, CO 80452

The WPBA is a club of donkey racing fans and racers. Usually 5-7 races each summer and our annual banquet is in the fall each year. A $15 ass-ociate membership get you a quarterly newsletter.

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Kentucky Mule and Donkey Association
President  Joe Penn
Phone:  606-303-1810
1400 Ware Rd, Waynesburg, Kentucky 40489

KYMDA is a family oriented non-profit club. Our mission is to bring recognition to mules and donkeys from all ass-pects.  Whether you own a mule or donkey or just wish to watch them perform we encourage you to come out to the shows and trail rides.  Horses are always welcome.  If you are interested in more information please visit our website.

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Delmarva Coon Hunters Association

5904 Ben Davis Road, Pittsville, Maryland 21850

contact Norman Parker (410) 603-9413

“Annual Mule and Long Ear Show” Third Sunday of October

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Midstates Mule and Donkey Society
MI, IN, OH, Il, KY
Leslie Zahm

On a beautiful sunny afternoon at Leon Clark’s Hickory Hills Farm, Martinsville, IN , the day before the 1973 National Show (7/19/73), the Midstates Mule & Donkey  Show Society was formed.  The club was organized to promote donkeys and mules, by having spring &  summer shows, picnics and drives. Originally the  club included the states of Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky & Ohio.  Michigan was added  in 1977. Although we are a 5 state club, we have and welcome members from all over.


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CrossRoads Donkey Rescue
Fran D’Angela
Phone: 989-426-7942

10501 East Clarence Rd., Harrison, MI 48625

We are an official charity organization dedicated to helping abused and neglected donkeys throughout Michigan and the Midwest.  We have rescued and found approved homes for over 380 donkeys and mules since 2001. Membership is $20 a year and you will receive our newsletter to keep you updated on rescue happenings. We can also find us on facebook.

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New York
Long Ears & Friends Driving Club
Roberta Tracy
Phone: 585- 584- 9987
10549 Pavilion Ctr. Rd, Pavilion, NY 14525
Website: We are a driving club in Western NY. We meet once a month. We promote equine driving, offering guidance, support, seminars, shows, trail drives and lots of fun. We are open to all size equine and all levels of driving.
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Donkey & Mule Assoc. of the Western Reserve INC.
Wendy Herrick Nye
Phone:  440-729-1422
7190 Mulberry Rd, Chesterland, Ohio, 44026

The DMAofWR is a non-profit organization dedicated to donkeys and mules of all sizes, and the people who love them.  This organization provides a network of knowledge, experience and longear friendship in NE Ohio and surrounding areas.  DMAofWR meets on a monthly basis, and our intent is to further educate longear lovers in the proper care and humane treatment of all longears.  Our meetings provide a casual forum to share experiences, knowledge and information, becoming better educated keepers of the animals in our care.  We frequently host guest speakers on special interest topics, as well as demonstrations and plan special events.  Our members have participated in shows, parades, church events, community outreach progrsms, children’s camps and more, promoting and enhancing public awareness of the amazing animals.  Whether you use your animals for show, pleasure, pets or companionship, breeding, or you are just a longear enthusiast, DMAofWR has something for you.  We are a relaxed, family friendly club and welcome you to …JOIN US For more information contact us Secretary, Cindy Wolf 440-729-0347 7190 Mulberry Rd., Chesterland, OH, 44026 Website:

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The Tennessee Donkey ASSociation
Phone: 931-796-4920

The Tennessee Donkey ASSociation is a statewide organization whose purpose is to bring together people, adult & youth, that are interested in donkeys of all sizes with quality family-oriented activities in a spirit of good community. The ASSociation is dedicated to the advancement & promotion of the donkey breed through a variety of educational, charitable and social events.

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The American Council of Spotted Asses

Paula Selgelid, President

Dan Conter, Registrar

Lori Howard, Publisher/Editor

Phone: (817) 312-9413

Address:  2933 Silvercrest Lane Grapevine, TX  76051


The American Council of Spotted Asses (ACOSA)  mission is the promotion and preservation of the Spotted Ass (donkey/burro) and the Spotted Half-Ass (mule/hinny/hybrid).  ACOSA fulfills its mission by continuously maintaining a registry, periodic on-line and written education, and annually sponsoring at least one national, public event.  ACOSA has been continuously incorporated from its original filing in Montana on August 7, 1969, with a transfer to Missouri on 11/4/1991.  ACOSA shall at all times be operated and conducted as a nonprofit corporation in accordance with the laws of the State of Missouri.

ACOSA’s slogan is “put color in your life”, it official website is and its email is

American Council of Spotted Asses membership is open to any US or international person, even if they do not have an animal eligible for ACOSA registration.  Beginning on 4/1//2016 annual membership will be $20 per year.  A 5 year membership is available for $90.

Registrations fees are $15 per animal for new registrations and $10 for transfer of registration. To qualify for an animal to be entered into the American Council of Spotted Asses registry the owner must be a current paid member and the animal getting registered must have at least two spots, visible on a photograph, behind the throatlatch and above the legs


Gulf Coast Donkey and Mule Association
Rose Jones
Phone: 713-416-3289
9177 Plum Grove Road, Cleveland, Texas 77327

We are a family oriented club founded for the purpose of bringing together longear enthusiasts at club shows, educational clinics and other fun events. We have scholarship programs and lots of youth and sub-youth classes. GCDMA has hosted the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Donkey and Mule Show successfully for many years, in addition to shows sanctioned by the National Miniature Donkey Association. We welcome new members. Please contact me for information pertaining to the club and for membership applications and information.

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Southwestern Donkey and Mule Society
Club Website:

Formed in 1973 to create, stimulate and maintain an interest in donkeys and mules by promoting family activities involving donkeys and mules in the southern and western United States. SDMS is a not-for-profit organization and strives to act in the best interest of all donkey and mule owners. SDMS is operated on a voluntary basis by dedicated members.

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North Country Donkey Friends
Phone:   802-759-2665
4241 vt Rte 17 W  Addison, Vermont 05491

NCDF is dedicated to activities that have a positive effect on donkeys and that promote the enjoyment and understanding of donkey training, care, health and welfare.
Meetings are held at Ass-Pirin Acres. Seminars, clinics, hikes, driving, etc. Join us–we are having a lot of fun and gaining a lot of knowledge as well.
Contact:  Marshlyn Reed 802-759-2665 or e-mail

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Wisconsin Donkey & Mule Society
Leslie Schmidt – President
Phone: 608-296-4496

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Canadian Donkey & Mule Association

Web site:

The Canadian Donkey and Mule Association is a not-for-profit organization established to preserve, protect, and promote donkeys and mules in Canada.  Founded in 1976, the CDMA is the only organization sanctioned under the Animal Pedigree Act (1988) to operate the Registry for donkeys and mules in Canada.  The CDMA publishes a quarterly magazine, Donkey & Mule News for its members.  The CDMA is for anyone who enjoys longears whether you own one or not!  For direct contact, go to our website and then contact any one of our board of directors who will be glad to assist you.

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First Mainland Donkey and Mule Club of BC
Cheryl Larsen (president)
Phone: 604-859-1317
#5- 37345 Liamel Rd, Abbotsford, B.C.  V3G 2K9
Find us on Facebook under First Mainland Donkey and Mule Club

We are a friendly group of donkey and mule enthusiasts located in BC. Our members range from those that ride their mules in the back country to combined driving competitors, Miniature Donkey breeders and those of us who just love all long eared creatures! We meet during the year to visit & talk donkey talk as well as plan demonstrations and shows. All who are interested in donkeys and mules are welcome! Please visit our new web site for more 

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Inga Kristensen
Postal Code: DK-7323 Give

A Danish Donkey Society for all people who like donkeys. We publish our magazine Aesel-Nyt 6 times a year.

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